China-Pakistan Relations for the Next Decade (2020-2030)

  • Assistant Professor Majeed Kamil Hamzah University of Baghdad - Iraq
الكلمات المفتاحية: China-Pakistan, Political and Economic Relations, United States, Economic Corridor, Gwadar Port


     "China-Pakistan" relations are unique in their trends among all countries that neighboring China, as relations have developed from the level of political and military relations to a complete set of contacts and comprehensive relations, and these relations may only disturb some of the concerns from the Chinese side regarding the Islamic identity of Pakistan, especially with the emergence of the phenomenon of terrorism and extremist groups In Pakistan, the presence of the Islamic Igor minority in Xinjiang. China, as one of the major powers in the world, has considered development in various fields to be the focus of increasing international attention in recent years, as it may threaten the economic and military position of the United States in the future. Therefore, the strategic relationship between China and Pakistan should be understood from an international strategic perspective, specifically in the interrelated relations between China, the United States, India and Russia. The importance of the issue is highlighted in several aspects, the first of which is: China seeks to prevent American and Russian influence from leaking into the neighboring countries of China. Second: To break the isolation attempts that might strike the Chinese economy. Third: Striving to dominate the markets of the Middle East countries, especially the Arab countries and North and West Africa. Fourth, strengthening the Pakistan-China alliance in the face of the US-Indian alliance. Fifth: The "CPEC" project agreement, which would change the balance of international powers in the region. Sixth: Reviving the Pakistani economy by China construct the Pakistani "Gawadar Port" project, which will bring to Pakistan billions of dollars to provide transit facilities for the second largest economy in the world, and develops multiple economic sectors and creates countless job opportunities, providing a productive environment and eliminating destitute societies, which constitute Natural incubators for extremist thought and a productive environment for terrorism, within the framework of a comprehensive future economic vision for the year 2030.


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